Press Releases
NTRA Fines WE, Mobile Operator, 12 Million Egyptian Pounds
Cairo on 31 October 2019,
Within the framework of NTRA’s incessant keenness to enhance the quality of telecom services provided to citizens, and owing to grave failures and breakdowns in the mobile network of WE company that seriously affected the telecom services provided to a segment of the company's customers in a number of areas for several hours on Wednesday 30 October 2019, and as the above-mentioned fact is considered grave breakdowns and violation of the licenses and agreements entered with WE, Mobile Operator;

Consequently, the NTRA followed up on the problem with WE, Mobile Operator, which, in turn, submitted a detailed report about the problem, its causes and the measures and actions taken in this regard. Accordingly, NTRA decided to impose a fine of LE 12 million (twelve million Egyptian pounds) on the company, that should be paid within seven days of the date, in implementation of Article No. 18 of the licenses granted to the company concerning the quality of service level.

The NTRA has taken into account, on determining the value of the financial penalty, a number of factors, most importantly, the number of subscribers affected by the service interruption, the duration of breakdowns and the number of areas affected.