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NTRA Has Apprehended 1097 Lawsuits & Violations Agents Sold Mobile Lines Without Contracts

Cairo: 4/8/2010

The National Telecom regulatory Authority (NTRA) headed by Dr. Tarek Kamel, the Minister of Communications and Information Technology, announced in May 2010 a new policy and regulation for the sale of mobile lines by mobile Operators (Mobinil-Vodafone-Etisalat) and their agencies. This new policy and regulation would ensure the availability of complete and correct data of all mobile lines sold in all Egyptian markets.

The implementation of this new regulation guarantees that a mobile line will not be activated until the customer’s correct data is registered in the Operators’ database through a network that has been established to connect the mobile operators with their authorized distributors and the network that has been established to connect the mobile operators with the Civil Status Organization.

It has been noticed lately that some distributors and market agents have failed to conclude documented contracts with buyers and provide mobile Operators with the users' complete personal data. The NTRA's judicial apprehenders, in collaboration with Telecom  Police forces, carried out extensive apprehensions to apprehend what evidenced the sale of mobile lines without documenting the sale with official contracts. They managed to carry out apprehensions of distributors in order to ensure their abidance by the NTRA's instructions and Telecom Regulation Law No. 10/2003 in the sale of mobile lines.

Dr. Amr Badawy, the NTRA's Executive President, stated that the NTRA had carried out judicial apprehensions on 3669 mobile lines outlets and shops throughout A.R.E. This campaign resulted in filing 1097 (illegally sold lines) lawsuits (concerning the sale of mobile lines without contracts). Moreover, 12724 mobile liens were apprehended. All legal measures were taken. It is worth mentioning in this respect, that the NTRA, after ensuring that theses distributors were violating Telecom Law and NTRA's regulations, notified mobile Operators of the names of those violating distributors. In fact, the mobile Operators terminating their contracts with them.

The NTRA's judicial apprehenders carried out extensive apprehensions on some outlets and shops that used to sell mobile lines in El-Haram district. They resulted in breaking into 'Donia' shop, headquartered in El-Aresh street and owned by Sayed Ahmad Aly. Ramadan Gaafar Lotfy (the shop's salesman) was apprehended while selling 100 Etisalat lines  without registering the buyer' accurate personal data or taking a copy of his National Identity Card. The salesman asked the buyer to give him a sum of money as a deposit till the latter brought his ID.

The Police Record No. 11 dated 22/6/2010 has been issued as the salesman of that shop violated Article (64) of Telecom Regulation Law No. 10/2003 that obligated telecommunication Services Operators, Providers, and their marketing agents to collect accurate information and data concerning Users from individuals and various entities
within the State. Etisalat Masr terminated their contract with that distributor.

On the other hand, a car bearing Vodafone's logo in El-Attaba square was apprehended selling mobile lines without obtaining the buyer's ID card data. The seller stipulated the sale of 10 lines. The apprehension took place on 10 July 2010. That car was owned by one of Vodafone's agents (Origin Company for marketing services, with its manager El-Husiny Abdel-Rahman Abdel-Rahman).

The NTRA notified Vodafone so that it would take the legal measures with that agent and sent the data of the sold ten lines with the notification. Vodafone investigated that case. After ensuring its veracity, it enforced a fine amounting to 500,000 Egyptian pounds. Moreover, it gave that agent an official notice concerning the termination of its contract in case that violation recurred pursuant to the terms of the contract concluded by the Operator and agent. The NTRA emphasizes the fact that it will keep on exerting strenuous efforts to combat and eliminate that phenomenon until it ensures that all accurate and complete data of mobile users are registered in the Operators' databases.