Press Releases
NTRA Has Not & Will Never Interfere in the SMS Content

Some mass media outlets and social networking sites have been recently circulating information and data about the NTRA's issuance of instructions to the telecom companies providing individual and Bulk SMS services to block or bar the SMSs that contain certain political words.

NTRA is stressing the fact that this piece of information is totally untrue and unfounded as the NTRA has not issued any instructions to bar or block SMSs, and it is not competent to manage or interfere in the content of SMSs provided via the telecom networks as it does not fall within its scope of work. It is worth mentioning in this respect that  the NTRA is competent only to deal with the technical and technological aspects of the process of sending text messages.

Hence, the NTRA's role and scope of work is concerned only with the award of licenses to telecom companies that provide individual and bulk text messaging service, ensuring the abidance of these companies by the licenses terms and conditions. NTRA, in collaboration with these companies, have been drafting regulations that regulate and protect the consumers' rights, especially those related relation to competitions. It should be noted that there are thirteen companies licensed to operate in the Egyptian market and provide this service.

The NTRA calls upon all mass media to stick ton accurate and true information and data published in this regard as they can have a great effect on the course of action in the telecommunications sector.