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NTRA’s National Center For Services Quality Control And Monitoring Issues 1st Benchmarking QoS Report In Egypt
Cairo on 1 September 2019
Within the framework of the keenness of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) to enhance the quality of telecom services provided to the users, the NTRA's National Center for ICT Services Quality Control & Monitoring issued today its first benchmarking report on the quality of voice and internet services provided by telecom operators operating in Egypt.

The measurement tests were conducted throughout the month July over roughly 23,000 kilometers of the populated areas in Egypt, divided into approximately 110 areas, main roads, axes, and strategic places including 80 areas, and 30 roads, axes and citizens’ gatherings. These measurement tests were undergone for voice and data services by making tens of thousands of test calls as well as the tests for mobile data services.

The quality of voice and data services was evaluated as per a number of internationally-acknowledged QoS standards as the evaluation of the quality of voice services was made as per several KPIs, most importantly, measuring the call blocked rate, the dropped call rate, in addition to the voice quality. Moreover, the quality of the mobile data services was evaluated as per several KPIs, mainly the data download and upload throughput.

The report has demonstrated the following, concerning the results of voice services evaluation:
  • The number of areas affected by problems in the quality of voice services provided by Vodafone, Etisalat, Orange and WE are (31), (64), (74) and (80) respectively.
  • The unsuccessful call setup problem is concentrated in Cairo and Giza for the services provided by WE and Etisalat. The problem intensity increases in Upper Egypt and Canal areas for the services provided by Orange.
  • The problem of dropped calls is noticeable with the services provided by Vodafone in the Delta. 
  • The voice quality problem is manifest throughout the country for the services provided by WE, followed by those provided by Orange.
Furthermore, the report demonstrated that the quality of data services is acceptable on all networks with a remarkable distinction for Orange in terms of the data download and upload throughput.

It is worth mentioning that the NTRA has stopped issuing QoS reports for more than a year. Ever since the NTRA has entered into a contract with Rohde & Schwarz Company to establish a technical center for the measurement of the quality of service. The Center's investments amounted to 50 million Egyptian pounds as it will issue detailed benchmarking reports of QoS in Egypt. Rohde & Schwarz Company is one of the largest German companies in service quality measurement in the world, and an active member of international organizations specialized in this field.

The issuance of the QoS report comes in implementation of transparency as it is published on the NTRA’s website in a simplified way so that the citizens could be informed about the quality of services provided by telecom companies operating in Egypt and the evaluation of networks performance in their place through an interactive map to be published shortly on the NTRA’s website.

The report reflects the real quality of telecom services; as a range of problems were identified in the areas surveyed, compared to previous reports. The NTRA shall, after the publication of the report, notify companies of the details of the violations monitored in the report and the areas where they were spotted. The companies will be given a period of time companies to resolve these problems. In case they are not resolved within three months in accordance with the terms and conditions of the license awarded to the companies, the NTRA shall apply the applicable penalties regulation

It should be noted that Dr. Amr Talaat, Minister of Communications and Information Technology, inaugurated the NTRA's National Center for ICT Services Quality Control & Monitoring at NTRA’s premises last July as the Center aims to keep pace with the with the new advancements and international standards for measuring the quality of telecom services. 

For more details on the benchmarking report, kindly visit NTRA’s website ( / as it shows a nationwide interactive map of the quality of voice and internet services provided by the 4 operators operating in Egypt.