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NTRA Submits a Note to Public Prosecution Against Pesticide Companies To Combat Spams and Unsolicited SMSs

Cairo on 20 May 2019
Within the framework of its implementation of its mandates as stipulated in Article (25) of the Anti-Cyber and Information Technology Crimes” Law (Law No. 175 of 2018) concerning the protection of the inviolability of the private life of citizens from the annoying SMSs sent by a number of companies, in particular pesticide companies, the National Telecom Regulatory Authority (NTRA) has taken all legal procedures against these companies and opened an investigation into the violations committed by them and their administrations and any relevant parties involved in sending these messages and spams to the citizens.

In fact, NTRA has received a huge number of complaints against some companies, including pesticide companies, that deliberately bother citizens by sending bulk messages thereto without obtaining permission from the NTRA as they have been using illegal means, which is considered an assault on the inviolability of citizens' private lives.

This action has been taken within the scope of the execution of NTRA’s duties and mission stipulated in the Telecom Regulation Law No. 10 of 2003 and in the context of the continuous follow-up on the measures taken to combat crimes of illegal communications, including spams sent to customers in the form of bulk SMSs by companies and anonymous numbers without obtaining a license from the NTRA.

The NTRA has emphasized that the aforementioned acts constitute the crimes stipulated in article (72) and article (76) of the Telecom Regulation Law No. 10 of 2003 and article (25) of the Anti-Cyber and Information Technology Crimes” Law (Law No. 175 of 2018) and are punishable by imprisonment and a fine in addition to the confiscation of all devices and equipment used in committing these crimes. 

In fact, NTRA has taken this action in light of the Government’s due attention paid to the protection of citizens’ privacy and preservation of investments in the ICT sector. It is worth mentioning that the Telecommunications Committee of the Egyptian House of Representatives is currently examining the bill that will regulate the handling and protection of personal information. This bill obligates companies not to deal with citizens’ data without obtaining their consent.  It is planned that the bill will be discussed and ratified during the current session of the House of Representatives.