Press Releases
The New MNP Terms & Condition

Cairo (15/12/2010)

The National Telecom Regulatory Authority (NTRA) has announced the issuance of the new terms and conditions of Mobil Number Portability (MNP) among the 3 mobile operators. These new terms and conditions will be implemented starting next week and aim to eliminate the obstacles hindering the subscribers’ numbers portability and facilitate MNP procedures. This will eventually boost competition among operators and ameliorate the services.

Dr. Amr Badawi, the NTRA’s Executive President, has stated that the new terms and conditions included the reduction of the fees payable by the subscriber to have his number ported from the Donor operator to the Recipient one from 75 L.E. to 25 L.E..

In addition, according to the new terms and conditions, the clause, stipulating the post-paid subscriber’s payment of one-month deposit to the Donor Operator before submitting the MNP request, has been cancelled. It has been stipulated that that subscriber will pay all the due payments payable to the Donor operator without paying this deposit.

Moreover, the new terms and conditions stipulate that the business clients (corporate subscription) will be allowed to port their numbers among the 3 mobile operators partially or wholly. According to the new terms, the authorized person (the authorized signatory) will be able to port any number of subscribers within the same corporate account. In addition, the authorized person will be able to port the whole account from one operator to another provided that he has an authorization for that account and that the MNP fees (amounting to 25 LE for porting the number) and all the financial obligations and payments payable for the number-to-be-ported are paid before submitting NP request.

In addition, it is stipulated that the ported number subscription at the Donor operator is not be less than one calendar year before submitting the NP request.

It is worth mentioning that the new terms and conditions have been issued in collaboration with the 3 mobile operators and after the NTRA studied the obstacles that used to limit the subscribers’ MNP among mobile operators during the past two years. It is expected that the implementation of these terms and conditions will make the mobile operators provide privileges and offers to attract subscribers, such privileges will not be restricted to the reduction of NP fees to encourage the subscribers to port their numbers.