Within the framework of the Egyptian Information Society Initiative launched at the WSIS in Geneva 2003, telecom services have evolved as one of the main drivers for the socio-economic development in Egypt.
Given the huge changes we have all been witnessing in the provision of telecommunications services, the government gave priority to the development of the ICT sector. This was reflected in a deregulated and healthy environment for the Egyptian ICT services.
 It was no surprise that the Egyptian government intended to cope up with these technological leaps and move toward a new state-of-the-art ecosystem. Telecom Regulations Law No. 10/2003 has stipulated the establishment of a regulatory body (that is, the National Telecom Regulatory Authority (NTRA)) as a national authority competent and responsible for the administration and regulation of the telecom sector, considering transparency, open competition, universal service and protection of user rights as general outlines for NTRA scope of work.
According to the Telecom Law, investors and telecom service providers are obligated to comply with NTRA regulations and standards in order to be able to join the market or launch a new service. The Law empowers the NTRA to determine the limits that, if exceeded, will lead to the breach of the free competition rules and to the setting of instructions and remedies in such cases.