​​​​​​​​Which Equipment Requires NTRA's Type Approval?

All Telecommunication equipment used in Egypt requires NTRA's Type Approval. This includes:
Terminal equipment:
  1. All types of Telephone Sets
  2. Fax machines (Voice Connection Unit
  3. Card/Pay Phone set
  4. All types of Public/Private exchange
  5. GSM mobile station & Handsets.

Radio communication apparatus:

  1. Radio Trans/Receive equipment
  2. Satellite Communication equipment
  3. Cordless Telephone Set
  4. Radars
All Indoor/Outdoor, Wired/Wireless IT communication apparatus.

Who is subject to Type Approval arrangements?
The telecommunications regulatory arrangements apply to any person, business or company that is the initial point of supply of customer telecom equipment to the Egyptian market. This includes:
  1. Any local manufacturer who makes or assembles telecommunications products or its authorized agent; or
  2. Any overseas principal (Manufacturer, Representative, Agent, Type approving agency,…etc.); or
  3. Any locally registered agency acting on behalf of any overseas principal.

What are the standards are applied in Egypt?
Egypt is in the preparation phase prior launching a local Telecom equipment specification & till then NTRA shall apply the following standards.

Telecom / RadioETSI, ASA, FCC, ITU
Safety / HealthCENELEC, IEC, ASA, UL, FCC

Type Approval Scheme Determination Chart

Testing & Type Approval Fees:
* The amount is calculated according to Central Bank of Egypt announced currency rates.

NTRA's Type Approval Certificate: 
  • The Type Approval Certificate shall be issued once based on equipment Brand & Model when Authority is satisfied that:
    • The applicant complies with the Type Approval Regulations;
    • The telecom equipment meets all the relevant requirements;
  • The Type Approval Certificate identifies the certificate holder, the certified equipment, the standards to which the equipment conforms, the manufacturer and the origin of manufacture.
  • Type Approval Certificate is granted with no time limit provided no unauthorized modifications have been made to the certified equipment.
  • Type Approval Certificate does not authorize the usage of the approved product to offer telecom services to others and is restricted to private use only. The approved product should not be incorporated in any activity that needs licensing or requires permits according to Telecom law No. 10/2003.
  • NTRA type approval certificate indicates compliance of the product with international approved standards and shouldn’t be considered as importation or customs clearance permit.
The Procedures applied to type approval samples submitted:
  • All samples submitted to the NTRA for testing can be retrieved 30 days after the submittal date, and not later than 45 days from such date (two weeks only).
  • It is not permitted to request the retrieval of samples after the above mentioned period as these samples will be owned by the NTRA.
  • In order to have the samples re-delivered, a letter certified from the importing company should be issued stipulating the authorization of a delegate or representative in addition to a description of the number of models to be re-delivered.​​​