Egyptian African
Telecom Regulatory Training Center
Eng. Ahmed Bahaa

Ahmed Bahaa is a Malware Analyst in EG-Cert.

A medical school graduate who shifted his career as he exceled in removing malware from infected machines, He became one of the very well-known malware analyst & reverse engineer in the cybersecurity community.

During college, he gained experience in python scripting, web design & development, pentesting web apps security, operating systems internals and finally reverse engineering and malware analysis.

Ahmed is also a famous public speaker in cyber security events.

As well as being an outsourced instructor at ITI under the EG-CERT ITI MOU for teaching cybersecurity material on ITI “Manasaa” platform.

He conducted several training courses for governmental malware teams under EG-Cert Programme “Building the Capacity of governmental SOC teams” 

He currently working on spreading more knowledge and understanding of Reverse Code Engineering in the Arab community.