Consumers Rights Protection

Chief among the most significant goals that the NTRA has been special attention is the protection of the consumer’s rights, as per the Telecom Regulation Law No. 10 of 2003. This is carried out by implementing the State’s policies on developing and deploying various types of telecommunications and information technology services in an environment where free competition, openness of information, and consumer’ rights protection prevail.

In fact, Egypt is considered one of the first countries that paid special attention to the protection of the rights of the consumers and users of telecommunications and information technology services at both the regional and international levels. Thus, it set the most robust foundation for it. In fact, the Consumer’s Rights Protection Strategy approved by the NTRA as an integral part of its vision is founded on two main pivots:

  • Setting the rules and conditions that ensure the protection of the consumer’s rights in a way that guarantees the provision of the highest quality of most advanced services, at the most affordable prices.
  • Raising the users’ awareness about their rights and duties to be capable to choose the most appropriate services and the service providers, in full transparency. This necessitates informing the users of their rights that the law and licenses issued to service providers guarantee, that is, to file complaints when there is a breach of any of the terms or conditions of the contract or in case there is any flaw in the service provided to them.