IoT Regulatory Framework

Whereas the National Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (NTRA), pursuant to Law No.10 of 2003 on Telecom Regulation, is the sole entity authorized to regulate telecom sector, establish regulatory frameworks and issue licenses to encourage investments and ensure competitiveness across Egypt’s telecom market, and whereas Internet of Things (IoT) services have been widely spreading across the world and have been expanding as well in the Arab Republic of Egypt, especially in conjunction with the State’s plan to achieve digital transformation across different sectors, and in line with Egypt Vision 2030 to adopt establishing a number of smart cities similar to the New Administrative Capital, and whereas the number of requests submitted to NTRA, inquiring about IoT service-license through various technology approaches, has lately increased.

In witness whereof, NTRA had studied all methodologies to be adopted to foster IoT services within Egypt, and had further studied all obstacles hindering the dissemination of IoT services and how to overcome such obstacles. Hence, NTRA had established the IoT Regulatory Framework in the Arab Republic of Egypt entailing all rules and measures necessary to help with stimulating investments in this arena while at the same time ensuring service-governance inside the Arab Republic of Egypt.

You can review the main features of IoT Regulatory Framework via:

You can review the IoT Regulatory Framework via:

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