Mobile SIM Cards Sales Regulations for Corporate Accounts

For Entities requesting to acquire a SIM cards corporate account at any of the mobile operators, the operator sales agent must follow the following procedures:

  • The sales agent must have copies of the below list of documents required from the entity wishing to open a corporate account:
    1. A copy of the commercial register and tax card for commercial entities or a written declaration signed and stamped for non-commercial entities.
    2. Authorization letter holding the name and identity card number for the delegate from the entity who will be responsible for dealing in behalf on the entity in regards of the account, noting that the authorization letter should hold the entity stamp.
    3. A colored copy of the authorized delegate identity card.

The authorized delegate should sign a contract that includes a statement that the entity must update the registered in case of any changes that might occur to the actual users of the SIM cards owned by the entity.

The mobile operators should activate the corporate SIM cards after registering the data of the actual users of the SIM cards on their databases.

The mobile operators should activate the corporate SIM cards only after taking a colored copy of the original valid identity card of the actual user of the SIM card “In case the actual user is a foreigner the mobile operator should take a colored copy of both his valid passport and valid residency document”.