Dr. Hossam Abd El Maoula
 24 November 2020

NTRA Post: Head of the Quality Measurements Sector at the National Telecommunication Authority
International Post: Vice President of Study Group 2 of the International Telecommunication Union
Area of ​​expertise: Service quality, Customer satisfaction measurements, and numbering.

Dr. Hossam Abd El Maoula obtained his Ph.D. in the field of communications and electronics from Cairo University in 2003 and held the position of associate professor at the Electronics Research Institute (ERI).
Dr. Hossam was responsible for implementing and issuing the national numbering plan in 2010 and he also managed the conversion process from 10 to 11 numbers in the numbering scheme. He was also responsible for implementing the management of the fixed numbering plan in Egypt in 2006 and moving from 7 to 8 smoothly without affecting Market stability
Contributed to achieving the success achieved by the NTRA Quality Measurement Sector in combating illegal telecommunications activities, which resulted in national income revenues.
It is worth noting that he was responsible for developing and managing the Number portability system. This is in addition to his role in providing national roaming services and site sharing for mobile operators.