Quality of Services

Within the framework of working on the continuous development of the Egyptian telecom market through a vision that aims at achieving excellence in the quality of services available to users,

And keeping pace with modern technologies in obtaining indicators of quality and coverage of communication services and assessing the actual quality of user experience of different services,

The National Telecommunications Regulatory Authority conducts advanced field measurements and tests for the licensed mobile network operators in Egypt (Orange, Vodafone, Etisalat, WE) on a monthly basis using latest scientific methods in QoS measurements and analysis in accordance with the relevant international standards, which ensure a true representation of user experience and fair comparison of networks’ performance.

The measurements cover a wide geographical and representative domain, to include areas, neighborhoods, and main roads in Cairo, Giza, Alexandria, Delta, Canal, Red Sea and Upper Egypt.

The results of the measurements include performance indicators for evaluating voice, data and video streaming services, these includes blocked call rate, dropped call rate, speech quality, download and upload speeds.

While the NTRA values ​​the user’s right to obtain the best services and to boost competition within the telecommunications market, the NTRA is keen to periodically publish the results of the measurements on its website on monthly bases, as it will be published quarterly starting January 1, 2021.