MY NTRA chosen among 5 top E-Government projects worldwide within ITU-WSIS 2022
 16 May 2022

My NTRA interactive App. was chosen among the top 5 E-Government projects within the World Summit on the Information Society 2022 (WSIS), subordinate to the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). My NTRA had obtained the highest votes alongside 4 other projects, out of 966 projects overall, within the proceedings of WSIS held from March 15 to June 3, 2022, with more than 2500 experts participating from 193 countries. WSIS is actually considered the world’s largest information and telecommunication event, since it provides a platform for cooperation and information-exchange among different authorities and institutions across the world to maximize the role of communication and information technology, being the power horse for achieving sustainable development as well as digital transformation goals.

In fact, My NTRA was awarded the champion-prize within ITU-WSIS according to several criteria, most importantly; being in line with e-government global standards, upholding digital transformation as well as easing up the online process to receive services rather than traditional approaches. Furthermore, the app was chosen as a top project for promoting innovation and creativity and providing diverse services at both; individual and corporate levels. So as to be mentioned, it won the prize for the variety of society segments utilizing its services, like youth, old people and people with disabilities. My NTRA services are also available for telecom users at both urban and rural areas, helping therefore to disseminate digital services nationwide.

It is worth noting that My NTRA interactive App had been previously launched by the end of the past year, and is considered a leading app worldwide having a wide scale of integrated services for end-users and downloaded for about 2.3 million times so far. It was actually launched in line with the State’s policy to achieve digital transformation and in response to the complaints and requirements of users as monitored by NTRA in Egypt’s market. My NTRA is also considered an efficient tool to supply users with the service-related information necessary for making the right decision regarding the best operator to deal with and to ensure the user rights.

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