NTRA enlists the major rights of telecom users during service phases (Subscription, usage and billing)
 28 March 2021

The National Telecom Regulatory Authority of Egypt (NTRA) has enlisted the major rights of telecom users, to be abided by, by telecom operators in Egypt’s market. This list of rights is distributed among the 3 main service phases; subscription, usage and billing. Moreover, this list aims to raise the users’ awareness of their rights while subscribing to and using service, as well as their rights during the billing phase which include the operator’s commitments; such as, mobile re-charging, invoices and consumption tracking. In fact, this step integrates with the procedures previously taken by NTRA to safeguard user-rights, in line with the strategy launched in 2020, which aims to raise the user-satisfaction with services and awareness of rights.

These rights are actually as follow:

First: Subscription

  1. Telecom services should be received from licensed operators.
  2. Ten voice lines and five data lines at maximum should be obtained per one ID card.
  3. Contract terms and conditions should be carefully reviewed, and an official version should be kept.
  4. Services should not be subscribed to, without your previous consent.
  5. Free codes and numbers for service and offer details, should be sent before subscription.
  6. You can shift from one operator to another with the same line number within 24 hours, without any extra fees incurred, (Mobile Number Portability), for mobile users.
  7. Three mobile wallets should be opened per ID card, by 3 different mobile numbers, for mobile users.

Secondly: Usage

  1. Telecom devices should be provided in accordance with the standard specifications, and should be licensed.
  2. Your personal information and privacy should be safeguarded.
  3. Operator should be informed of any changes to your data, registered on contract.
  4. Emergency numbers should be dialed for free (Fire Department, Civil Defense, Ambulance and Police).
  5. Customer service of operator should be available for 24 hours, to receive inquiries or complaints.
  6. Complaint should be escalated to NTRA, throughout the 24 hours, in case no satisfactory solution was reached out with the operator.
  7. Mobile wallet should be cancelled when mobile SIM card is suspended, or when shifting from one operator to another with the same number, (for mobile users).

Thirdly: Billing

  1. Detailed monthly invoices should be provided, with clear information about consumption prices and period. You are also entitled to request an e-invoice for free.
  2. Consumption details should be available via operator’s e-channels; such as, (website and app.).
  3. Periodic free SMS should be sent with information about contracted packages.
  4. You should be informed of the charging amount as well as any other amounts deducted from your credit upon re-charging, if any, via free SMS.
  5. You should be notified with any credit-deductions for any reason, once applied.
  6. You should be notified with service-suspension, one week in-advance at least, in case the operator’s dues were not paid.
  7. In case of mobile wallet closure, for mobile users, any remaining amount should be refunded.