NTRA establishes rules to provide telecom services for People of Determination
 2 April 2024

The National Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Egypt (NTRA) issued rules to provide telecom services for People of Determination across the Arab Republic of Egypt, in a significant measure to protect and uphold user-rights for such a valued segment of users as well as ensure they have access to telecom services on an equal basis with other segments. This step reinforces the rights of (POD) to avail all telecom services available in Egypt’s market, and it also aligns with NTRA’s policy to quickly integrate and empower them within digital transformation process, to guarantee they have an easy access to telecom and internet services, being a part and parcel of Egypt’s society.

Rules of telecom services for (POD) entail raising and resolving complaints in Sign Language by which, through video call technology and apps, complaints can be received and resolved. Furthermore, rules include providing mobile packages with discounts as well as affordable prices in addition to obliging the operators to apply the Egyptian Engineering Codes at their branches to facilitate movement for (POD), ensuring flexibility inside official branches and outlets. Rules also encompass assigning a Sign-Language translator at several branches, giving priority to (POD) while providing services as well as equipping the websites and smart phone apps of operators with accessibility tools so that (POD) can easily obtain digital services. In addition, service rules include providing sections which contain information about service, credit-monitoring, re-charge and payment methods, customer service numbers, location of branches which offer special services for (POD), as well as various e-payment methods.

It’s noteworthy that such a measure adds to a series of initiatives which were previously launched by NTRA to empower (POD) and ensure they can easily and flexibly have access to telecom services. One of these were receiving and resolving complaints in Sign Language for users with hearing impairment via NTRA’s call center, by making video calls on NTRA’s website https://tra.gov.eg where complaints can be received in Sign Language, followed up and resolved. A mobile line with a 50%-discount on monthly packages, including voice and internet services, was also acknowledged by NTRA, to be offered by mobile operators’ in Egypt’s market.