NTRA launches EG-ATRC’s fourth session with 13 African and Arab countries taking part
 28 November 2022

Held by the National Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Egypt (NTRA), and with the participation of 13 African and Arab countries, proceedings of the Egyptian African Telecom Regulatory Center’s (EG-ATRC) fourth training session commenced. EG-ATRC is held in line with NTRA’s plan to build African cadres in telecommunications as well as exchange expertise, technical and commercial practices with African counterparts in telecom authorities. It also comes in line with the Government’s instructions to reinforce relations with African countries.

Training topics to be embarked upon in EG-ATRC’s fourth session are radio spectrum, type approval and licensing. The session’s agenda also provides opportunities for seamless communication among African experts to exchange insights and utilize the leading experience of Egypt in telecom regulation. It’s worth noting that NTRA had inaugurated EG-ATRC as the first of its kind in Africa to provide training courses in telecom regulation. It actually paves the road for telecom experience to be exchanged across the African countries and aims to achieve a unified vision among telecom regulators, and other relevant African entities, through a specialized training program which encompasses many academic and professional experts from Egypt and would consequently contribute to building a promising digital economy across Africa. Furthermore, EG-ATRC aims to provide training courses for 150 specialized individuals annually, via specialized training courses designed and taught by an elite of international experts.