NTRA Technology Discovery Day (NTD2) Held Yesterday at NTRA’s Premises
 25 September 2019

NTRA’s R&D Department organized NTRA Technology Discovery Day (NTD2) that was held under the title of “Adapting to Artificial Intelligence (AI)” yesterday at the NTRA’s premises in the Smart Village. Throughout the Forum, several sessions were conducted and introduced the basics of Artificial Intelligence, built knowledge on deep learning as well as the latest trends, demonstrated use cases and case studies of how to drive the AI from strategy to execution into the telecommunication market. It also shed light on the risks that will face service providers in implementing AI, and discussed how Artificial Intelligence will transform business.

This topic was chosen to be the Forum’s theme due to the evolving significance of AI that originated from computer science now becomes a fast growing topic in many different fields, there has been sixty-year development of the AI and the maturation of its techniques is now leading to extensive applications and industrialization.

NTRA Technology Discovery Day (NTD2) is a periodic Forum that brings together telecom operators, senior lecturers, researchers, technicians and professionals in the telecom market as experts can present their ideas and experiences on new technologies, with the aim of raising awareness about them, hence enable the Egyptian expertise to implement them. It is a good opportunity to create a scientific platform that encompasses executives and operators in order to exchange opinions and resolve any issues facing telecom services and enhance them.It should be noted that this is the third Forum to be held in this concern, as the first one tackled the Blockchain technology and was titled “Blockchain comes of age” whereas the second Forum was held on August 7, 2018 under the title of Legacy Network to SDN/NFV. 

The NTRA welcomes the continued participation for different stakeholders, experts, researchers, telco operators in the NTD2, to enrich the discussions and actively participate in the telecom market shaping.