Coronavirus Prevention and Control Measures
 16 March 2020

Within the framework of the new precautionary measures taken by the Egyptian Government to avoid the spread of the Coronavirus inside government entities and establishments and its keenness to ensure the safety, security and stability of workers and personnel throughout the country, it is mandatory for all officials to take the necessary pre-emptive actions and precautions to guarantee the continuity of work, as follows:

  • The awareness should be raised among workers and relevant information should be propagated.
  • The temperature of all employees and visitors should be taken before their entry into the workplace. Any worker/visitor, whose temperature is up to 37.4 °C, will be prevented from entering the workplace, provided that his temperature is monitored for 24 hours before entering any of the premises of the workplace again.
  • Testing devices should be provided in the workplace for early detection of the virus.
  • The employees should be exempted from marking attendance through fingerprint biometric attendance system.
  • All individuals should keep washing and disinfecting their hands with hand sanitizers provided by the employer.
  • All things/supplies that the employees touch continuously such as offices, door knobs, and elevator buttons should be continuously disinfected throughout the day.
  • All individuals should drink a lot of water throughout the day. It is preferable to add lemon to water.
  • All individuals should avoid handshakes and kissing completely.
  • If a worker has any of the symptoms of a cold, such as fever, cough, sore throat, bone pain, he should completely avoid showing up in the workplace and must immediately head for the nearest hospital or see a doctor for checkup and get sick leave. He must stay at home until symptoms disappear, if necessary, provided that he sends an e-copy of the medical certificate to the Human Resources Department team.
  • In case any of the employees exhibits symptoms during his presence at work, he will be given a mask immediately, and referred to the NTRA’s doctor, and given a sick leave if necessary. He will not be permitted to return to work until he recovers and his symptoms have completely disappeared and the sick leave ends.
  • It is not allowed for any employee to participate in any insignificant international meetings or events.
  • Call centers should continue working to answer customers’ inquiries.
  • We do not recommend traveling to countries with low or modest medical capabilities as any person might be placed under quarantine in case any employee has symptoms during travel.
  • Any meetings with any foreign guests may not be arranged except unless absolutely necessary, and after the obtainment of the approval of the employer.
  • Using technology as a substitute for face-to-face meetings should be promoted (video conferences, phone calls, etc.).
  • The use of electronic means) through scanners and emails( in circulating documents inside and outside the workplace should be enhanced (by scanners and emails).
  • In case any employee travels abroad, whether on a business mission or for personal reasons, then he must contact the Human Resources Department upon his safe return to permit him to return to work, as he will be placed under compulsory 14-day quarantine. This applies to any employee who has traveled outside the country. He should also submit the result of medical tests.
  • In the event that any employee is placed under quarantine, after his return from abroad, the quarantine period will be counted as a work-at-home period. He will be responsible for doing and completing all tasks assigned to him by his direct manager and sending them by email.

It should be noted that all conditions and developments will be closely monitored at the local and international levels to intervene immediately and take any actions necessary to maintain the employees’ health and wellbeing.

In light of the foregoing, it is mandatory to draw your attention to all this as you must abide by all the above-mentioned terms.