NTRA’s Sponsorship of Graduation Projects

Graduation Project Financial Guidelines

Submission Deadline, April, 24th, 2022


The fund is only offered to senior (last year) students in Egyptian public and non-profit educational institutes.

Selection Criteria

Each submitted project is evaluated based on its relevance to telecommunications, impact, originality, writing quality, and team competency.

Funding Process

  • Financial support is disbursed ONLY for the approved items:
  • Hardware and specialized software.
  • Printing the final report for a maximum amount of 500 L.E.
  • Typically, a project will be funded by an amount of up to 10,000 LE. However, special consideration can be given to promising projects with justified expenses.
  • Students are encouraged to use the tools already purchased by NTRA in previous years and stored in the faculty.
  • Internet purchases are only approved for items that are not available locally and in this case, an invoice is requested.
  • NTRA holds the right to reject an unjustified invoice.
  • The project proposal should be submitted using the posted template.
  • For submitted proposals, an estimate of the budget should be included. For accepted projects, the exact budget Excel file should be submitted along with the invoices.
  • After the graduation project day, a faculty notification letter should be submitted confirming that all non-consumable tools have been delivered to the department inventory for re-use by graduation projects in the coming years.
  • The allocated budget will be granted as a bank transfer issued to the project supervisor who in turn will reimburse the student’s team. Such a bank transfer will be issued upon receiving the required documents and after graduation day.
  • The project team members must provide a stamped and signed document indicating the principal supervisor of the project, his affiliation, and then the names of the team members.

NTRA’s Proposed Tracks

  • Value-Added Telecom Services
    • People with Disabilities
    • Location-Based Services
    • Billing Monitoring
    • Security Applications
    • ….
  • Telecom Applications in Verticals Sectors
    • Healthcare
    • e-Education
    • Electricity and Energy
    • Agriculture and Irrigation
    • Traffic and Transportation
    • ….
  • Industry 4.0 Applications and Services
    • Digital Communication Services
    • Intelligent Applications
    • Cloud Services
    • Smart Cities Applications & Service
    • Robotics and Autonomous Systems
    • Data Related Service
  • Energy Savings:
    • Energy Harvesting,
    • Low Power Communication

(You can still submit your own ideas)

Submit your proposal online at rd@tra.gov.eg