Universal Services

The NTRA set up the Universal Service Fund (USF) in 2005 to compensate the telecom services providers and operators for services provision to all citizens especially in the economically nonfeasible regions, and the promotion of unserved areas in order to achieve the objectives of universal service. These objectives are based on guaranteeing all citizens’ access to telecommunications services at reasonable prices as per fair and non-discriminatory rules. In addition, these objectives aim to ensure the provision of these services to remote areas, educational institutions, schools and general libraries, not to mention the observance of free competition and elimination of all monopolistic practices, taking all the necessary measures that should be taken to provide telecommunications services to the unserved areas with the aim of consolidating national and cultural cohesion.

It is worth mentioning that the telecom market is further regulated by Telecommunication Regulation Law 10/2003 that relies on four main pillars: information disclosure, free competition, the provision of universal service and user protection.

In accordance with Telecom Act No 10 of year 2003, universal service should be accessible and available to all citizens of Egypt at fair, reasonable and affordable prices, including low-income users, the Disabled and low-income users in addition to those who live in rural, remote, isolated, and high cost areas.