NTRA issues 2021 semi-annual report on mobile phone service in Egypt’s market as per Telecom User Poll
 3 August 2021

In cooperation with a global market research agency, the National Telecommunication Regulatory Authority of Egypt (NTRA) issued the 2021 semi-annual report (from January 2021 to June 2021) on mobile phone-users’ satisfaction with the services provided by operators in Egypt’s market. The poll included a sample of 17,009 mobile -users, to ensure that all society segments are represented through fair geographic, age and gender distribution.  

This step comes in line with the process of developing the measurement methodologies and approaches of mobile phone services in Egypt’s market to encompass user alongside operator, being the major players in the market. To this end, NTRA regularly measures the technical as well as technological indicators of services provided by operators; namely voice and data, on monthly assessments. Additionally, NTRA conducts the said poll with an aim to collect the feedback of mobile users on the service quality as well as the stages of interaction with operators. Therefore, users’ thoughts of operator’s branches, waiting time at branches, variety of schemes as well as offers, quality of voice and internet services, interaction with customer service representatives, complaint-resolving and billing accuracy (invoices/ credit) were all surveyed to figure out actual level of user-satisfaction and consequently connect it to the quality report findings.  

Results of mobile phone-user poll during the different stages of service were as follow:

  • Operator’s branches: WE achieved a satisfaction rate of 82%, followed by Orange as well as Etisalat with 78% and finally Vodafone with 76%.
  • Waiting time at branches: WE came first with a rate of 76%, followed by Orange with 71%, Etisalat with 67% and finally Vodafone with 62%.
  • Variety of schemes and offers: WE achieved a rate of 66%, followed by Etisalat and Vodafone with 65% and 63% respectively, whereas Orange came at the last ranking with a rate of 60%.
  • Quality of voice service: Etisalat achieved a rate of 80%, followed by Vodafone with 77%, while WE came third with 76% and Orange came last with 74%.
  • Quality of internet service: WE achieved a satisfaction rate of 76%, followed by Etisalat and Vodafone with 72% and 71% respectively, whereas and Orange came last with 67%.
  • Customer service: Vodafone achieved a rate of 74% followed by Etisalat with 70%. Meanwhile, Orange got 61%.
  • Complaint-resolving: Vodafone achieved 71%, followed by WE with 70%. On the other hand, Etisalat scored 65% and Orange got 57%.
  • Billing accuracy: WE scored a satisfaction rate of 70% followed by Etisalat and Orange, with 68% and 66% respectively. Meanwhile, Vodafone came last with 65%

Excellence points of each operator according to users:

  • Vodafone: Complaint-resolving
  • Orange: Satisfaction with operator’s branches
  • Etisalat: Voice quality
  • WE: Waiting time at branches:

Weak points of each operator according to users:

  • Vodafone: Waiting time at branches
  • Orange: Complaint-resolving
  • Etisalat: Waiting time at branches
  • WE: Voice quality

Overall assessment of mobile operators according to users:

Amongst the total number of users of each service provider/ operator in the sample, the rate of users who were satisfied with the overall mobile phone services provided by Etisalat was 79%, whereas the users satisfied with Vodafone services represented 78%. Meanwhile, users demonstrated their satisfaction with WE and Orange with 76% and 73% respectively.