NTRA Participates in Tanzania School of Internet Governance in Tanzania
 14 February 2020

The National Telecom Regulatory Authority (NTRA) is participating in Tanzania School of Internet Governance in Dodoma, Tanzania on 14 and 15 February as the most important issues related to Internet governance will be discussed in the international and regional arena. It is expected that the attendees will consider the impacts of these issues on the African countries with the aim of uniting positions toward them to be dealt with in a way that is commensurate with the particulars and priorities of the African region. It is worth mentioning that one of NTRA’s experts, who has been appointed ambassador of the Universal Acceptance Program and Email address internationalization (EAI), will deliver presentations on relevant issues.

Additionally, hot topics of Internet governance will be examined such as achieving digital inclusion in Africa, internet access at most affordable costs indiscriminately, internet security and stability, and electronic space resilience. Moreover, this event aims to boost digital cooperation and consider the future of the Internet and emerging technologies to attain sustainable growth in order to improve access to information and knowledge. This eventually ensures digital transformation in Africa and optimizes the use of ICT and Internet in the social and economic development of the Dark Continent, maintaining the best interests of Africa in Internet Governance Forum process.

The event will consider several key point such as the standards of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) and the Generic Names Supporting Organization (GNSO) processes, regional records and Internet Governance Forum as the participants will take a look at the history of Internet Governance and how it originated.

It is worth noting that Tanzania School of Internet Governance comprises many experts from the academic circles and civil society, business sector and technical societies in addition to some concerned government groups. The School seeks to be a platform for discussions where multiple parties and stakeholders partake to study Internet issues in Africa regarding governance in general and Internet governance in particular. Specific goals include raising awareness about this field and building capacity with respect to Internet governance for African users. furthermore, the School participates in formulating Internet resource management policies at the regional and African levels.
Tanzania School of Internet Governance adopts the most vital and challenging issues facing the Internet and tackled at the regional level. Being a platform for innovation, economic growth and social advancement for individuals from all over the globe, it has been seeking to ensure the continued growth and development of the Internet, as it is concerned with the attainment of a better understanding and all-inclusive knowledge of Internet issues, settings and operations related to Internet management process, throughout the global. This could be achieved by refocusing on the enhancement of the participation and role of Middle Eastern countries and societies in the relevant fields.