NTRA receives a delegation from Communication and Media Commission of Iraq to discuss aspects of joint cooperation in regulating telecom services
 30 September 2021

Eng. Hossam El-Gamal, the Executive President of the National Telecommunication Regulatory Authority of Egypt (NTRA) has received today morning a high-ranking delegation from the Communication and Media Commission of Iraq (CMC) headed by Dr. Ali Al-Moayad, the Head of CMC, and consisted of other leading members. Both sides held an extensive meeting where cooperation mechanisms were discussed and expertise was exchanged in telecommunication regulation and telecom services’ governance in markets. They also reviewed aspects and potentials of joint cooperation alongside activities and programs of bilateral cooperation.

At the beginning of the meeting, Eng. Hossam El-Gamal affirmed the strong and firm bilateral relations between both sides. He also stressed on the fact that both countries have the political determination to foster development frameworks and reinforce joint cooperation in telecom regulation. Furthermore, Dr. Ali Al-Moayad pointed out that CMC is keen on exchanging expertise with the Egyptian side, for the wide experience Egypt enjoys and its international achievements in the field of telecom regulation.

A number of international issues of mutual interest were also discussed during the meeting. At the top of such issues comes radio spectrum planning and management, as well as technical resources and how to maximize their utilization. Moreover, regulatory frameworks and rules, and how well they meet the market demands in light of new and rapidly-developing technologies, were also tackled. Mutual coordination at the level of international and regional forums and organizations was also discussed.

Eventually, Eng. Hossam El-Gamal asserted the directives given by Egypt’s Government with a view to provide all forms of technical support to Iraqi brothers. He also affirmed his full support to hold continuous meetings for experts of both sides, helping to develop telecom services in both; Egypt’s and Iraq’s markets.