NTRA summons Vodafone Egypt’s leaders to investigate the clash incident in presence of user
 21 November 2021

In line with the National Telecom Regulatory Authority of Egypt’s (NTRA) role to protect the rights of users as well as establish a balanced relationship between telecom-users and operators, NTRA, headed by its Executive President Eng. Hossam El-Gamal, has summoned the leaders of Vodafone Egypt to further investigate the clash which had taken place at one of their branches and was actively shared via social media. The meeting has been held in presence of Mr. Ahmed Bayoumi, the user with whom the clash took place, to figure out the circumstances of such an incident. It has been also held to check the measures and policies applied by the operator, with respect to interaction with customers. Furthermore, it has aimed to unveil any areas where the operator is falling short, in terms of customer-operator relations.

NTRA has asserted that regulatory instructions and measures imposed on telecom-sector operators are actually obligatory and uncompromisable. On the other hand, NTRA has reviewed the reconciliation report drafted between the operator and user to make sure that both sides reconciled satisfactorily without any external pressures or effects taking place on the user. 

Moreover, NTRA has clearly called the operators working in Egypt’s market to regularly check the applied measures for interaction with audience at their branches or via call centers. It has also stressed that all telecom-employees should be well-qualified to interact with users, in accordance with all releases as well as measures acknowledged by NTRA. 

At his side, Mr. Ayman Essam, External Affairs and Legal Director of Vodafone Egypt, has extended his gratitude to NTRA for such a prompt action to figure out the whole truth behind this incident. He has also asserted that such an incident represents a personal attitude that is not acceptable and must not have happened. He has pointed out that the incident does not reflect his company’s policy in terms of protecting customer rights, stating that services are currently provided by Vodafone Egypt to 44 million users. He has also asserted that Vodafone Egypt’s policy to protect customer rights will not be deviated from. 

In his turn, Mr. Ahmed Bayoumi has also stated he is fully confident that the clash which took place had resulted from a personal attitude and did not have anything to do with Vodafone Egypt’s measures and policy. He has also said he is quite sure that investigations with customer service representatives, as well as internal measures of inspection, will be carried out with high levels of integrity. Moreover, he praised the role and prompt response of NTRA.