Consumer Rights Protection Committee

Telecom Consumers Rights Protection is one of the main axes upon which the strategyt of the National Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (NTRA) is based. Egypt is one of the first countries in the Arab and African world to have interest in issues of protecting telecom Consumers Rights. Its provisions on the formation of a committee to protect the rights of telecom Consumers in Egypt, working under the umbrella of the National Telecommunications Regulatory Authority

The committee is formed by a decision of the Minister of Communications and Information Technology, headed by the CEO of the National Telecommunications Regulatory Authority, and its membership includes public figures working in various fields concerned with the telecommunications market and the rights of Consumers, as the committee includes experts in technology, law, media, health and representatives of civil society organizations.

Committee Members:

Eng. Hossam El-GamalChairman and NTRA's Executive President
Mr. Osama HeikalMinister of State for Information
Dr. Ahmed Zaki BadrFormer Minister of Local Development
Dr. Sameh FaridHead of New Giza University
Dr. Sherif KamelDean of AUC Shool of Business
Maj. Gen. Rady Abdel-Moaty AlyHead of Consumers Protection Agency (CPA)
Dr. Mostafa El FekiDirector of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina
Ms. May Abdel HamidChairperson of the Mortgage Finance Fund, Ministry of Housing, Utilities and Urban Development
Mr. Khaled HanafyRepresentative of the Disabled, Member of the House of Representatives
Dr. Talaat Abdel QawyChairman of NGOs Union
Mrs. Soad El-Sayed Hassan El-DeebChairperson of the Qualitative Union of Consumers' Protection Association
Dr. Medhat Abdel-Moneim El-MesieryProfessor of Physical Engineering, Cairo University
Mr. Yasser Fatehi RezqChairman of Akhbar Al Youm Newspaper's Board
Mr. Mohamed Salah El-Din MontaserJournalist and columnist at Al Ahram Newspaper
Mr. Galal DwedarJournalist and columnist at Al Akhbar Newspaper
Dr. Khaled El-SherifChairman of Sequence Telecom Company
Mr. Osama Kamal Helmy AhmedTV Anchor
Mr. Abdel Latif Al ManawyJournalist and columnist
Mr. Mohamed Abu ShuqaProfessor of Law
Mr. Kamal Kamel Rayyah ZayyanHead of Communications Dept., Al-Alam Al-Youm Newspaper
Eng. Ahmed Abd El-AzizDirector of Technological Policies Dept. NTRA (CRPC Rapporteur)
Mrs. Hoda El-DeebExecutive President of NTRA's Information & Public Relations Dept., (CRPC Rapporteur)