Mobile Wallet Services

Mobile Wallet Services approved by NTRA:

  1. Cash-in: Deposit money in the customers’ wallet through MNOs branches, Agents ( Aman, Fawry,…), and ATM cardless machines.
  2. Cash-out: Withdraw money from the customers’ wallet through MNOs branches, Aman, Fawry, or ATM cardless machines.
  3. Peer-to-peer: Transfer money from customers’ wallet to any other mobile wallet anywhere in Egypt.
  4. Account value load: Transfer money from the customer’s bank card account to his wallet.
  5. Payroll and incentives: disperse salaries and incentives from the companies’ account to employees’ wallets.
  6. Top-Up: Recharge the balance of any mobile number in Egypt.
  7. Telecom Bills Payment: Pay any mobile phone bills and internet bills in Egypt.
  8. Utilities Bills Payment: Pay utility bills such as electricity, gas and water.
  9. Other Payments: Pay the fees of Universities, Schools, and syndicates
  10. Virtual Card Network: Creating a password for a temporary virtual credit card to pay purchases values from websites by.
  11. Merchant Payment: Pay purchases values at commercial stores using QR-Code, USSD, merchant websites or applications.
  12. Micro finance loans: disperse and collect the installments of the micro finance loans through the mobile wallets
  13. Register the village savings and loans associations groups in the mobile wallets
  14. Donation: Transfer donations to charitable and medical institutions.
  15. Disperse the alimony of divorced women from Nasser Social Bank to the mobile wallets of the beneficiaries.
  16. Pensions: disperse the pensions on the mobile wallets of the beneficiaries.

Mobile Wallet services provider channels either the below USSD Codes or smartphones mobile applications