Mobile Wallet Services

Mobile Wallet Services approved by NTRA:

  1. Cash-in: Deposit money in the customers’ wallet through MNOs branches, Agents ( Aman, Fawry,…), and ATM cardless machines.
  2. Cash-out: Withdraw money from the customers’ wallet through MNOs branches, Aman, Fawry, or ATM cardless machines.
  3. Peer-to-peer: Transfer money from customers’ wallet to any other mobile wallet anywhere in Egypt.
  4. Account value load: Transfer money from the customer’s bank account to his wallet with the same bank.
  5. Payroll and incentives: Transfer salaries and incentives from the companies’ account to employees’ wallets.
  6. Top-Up: Recharge the balance of any mobile number in Egypt.
  7. Telecom Bills Payment: Pay any mobile phone bills and internet bills in Egypt.
  8. Utilities Bill Payment: Pay utility bills such as electricity, gas and water.
  9. Virtual Card Network: Creating a password for a temporary virtual credit card to pay purchases values from websites by.
  10. Merchant Payment: Pay purchases values at commercial stores using scanning the QR-Code.
  11. Donation: Transfer donations to charitable and medical institutions.
  12. Transfer the alimony of divorced women from Nasser Social Bank to the mobile wallets of the beneficiaries.

Mobile Wallet services provider channels either the below USSD Codes or smart phones mobile applications