Type Approval Procedure

This page mentions the Type Approval procedure which are regularly updated  to follow up the continuous development in telecom equipment technologies and in response to market needs. A summary of the latest updates and their dates can be found here

Type Approval Procedure Schemes:

There are currently three Type Approval procedure Schemes, Light, Intermediate and Tight Schemes. The scheme applicable on a product can be determined either through tracing the following Scheme Determination Chart or through the interactive scheme determination questions in this link.

Type Approval Scheme Determination Chart:

Following flow chart determines the Type Approval Scheme applicable on the product. The categories of countries referred in the chart are defined as follows:

1) 1st Category countries: includes EU countries, UK, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, Russia, Japan, South Korea, Singapore and (Taiwan/ PRC).

2) 2nd Category countries: includes China and India.

3) 3rd Category countries: includes the rest other countries.

Type Approval Procedure Documents:

Following are associated documents of different procedure types:

Applied Fees:

Following is a table for Type Approval procedure associated fees.

* Payment process comes after Type Approval department acceptance to test or type-approve the product and informing the client accordingly.

**The amount in EGP is calculated according to the Central Bank of Egypt announced currency prices.


Following are the forms referred in the type Approval Procedure documents: