Telecommunication user poll on mobile phone services – Egyptian market
 31 January 2021

In cooperation with a global market research agency, the National Telecommunication Regulatory Authority “NTRA” issued their first report regarding a mobile phone user poll which was conducted to measure the users’ level of satisfaction with the services provided by mobile phone operators in the Egyptian market. The poll included a sample of 5,754 mobile service users within the time period between October and December 2020, ensuring the representation of all society segments through fair geographic, age, and gender distribution.

This comes in line with developing the methodologies and approaches of how to measure the quality of mobile phone services in the Egyptian market, in order to encompass the market’s two main players (user and operator). To this end, NTRA regularly measures the technical and technological evaluation indicators of operators on a monthly basis, and for the first time, it conducts a poll among mobile phone users. This poll aims to figure out the opinion of users concerning the service quality, with the purpose of identifying the real customer satisfaction levels and connecting them to the findings of the quality report.

Users’ thoughts of services provided and interaction stages with mobile phone operators were surveyed, in order to come up with the final results of user satisfaction levels with services. Levels of satisfaction with the operator’s branches, waiting time inside branches, variety of schemes and offers, quality of voice and internet, interaction with customer service, complaint-solving as well as the accuracy of billing system (invoices/ credit) were all measured.

Results of mobile phone user poll during the different stages of service availing were as follow:

  1. Customer satisfaction with the operator branches:

Orange achieved a satisfaction rate of 80%, followed by WE with 78% and Vodafone with 77%, whereas Etisalat achieved 75% on the satisfaction index.

  • Customer satisfaction with the waiting time inside branches:

WE came first with a rate of 73%, followed by Orange with 71%, Etisalat with 63% and finally Vodafone with 60%.

  • Customer satisfaction with the variety of schemes and offers:

WE got a rate of 65%, followed by Etisalat and Vodafone with 63% and 60% respectively, whereas Orange came at the last ranking with a rate of 59%.

  • Customer satisfaction with the quality of voice service:

Etisalat achieved a rate of 78%, followed by Orange with 76%, while Vodafone came third with 75% and WE came last with 74%.

  • Customer satisfaction with internet service quality:

WE achieved a satisfaction rate of 74%, followed by Vodafone and Etisalat with 71% and Orange with 69%.

  • Customer satisfaction with customer service:

Vodafone got a rate of 76% followed by Etisalat with 71%. Meanwhile, WE achieved 70% and Orange achieved 61%.

  • Customer satisfaction with complaint-solving:

Vodafone achieved 70% followed by WE, with 67%. On the other hand, Etisalat scored 66% and Orange got 60%.

  • Customer satisfaction with the accuracy of billing system:

WE scored a satisfaction rate of 68% followed by Orange, with a rate of 66%. Meanwhile, Etisalat achieved 65% and Vodafone achieved 63%.

Highly performing areas of each service provider according to users:

Vodafone: Customer service

Orange: Retail stores and voice quality

Etisalat: Voice quality

WE: Value for money and internet quality

Improvement areas of each service provider according to users:

Vodafone: Accuracy of the billing system, internet quality and the variety of schemes and offers.

Orange: Customer service and the variety of schemes and offers

Etisalat: Internet quality

WE: Value and voice quality

Overall evaluation of mobile phone service providers according to users:

Amongst the total users of each service provider/ operator in the sample, the rate of users who were satisfied with the overall mobile phone services of Vodafone and Etisalat came up to 79%. Meanwhile, the users demonstrated their satisfaction with WE and Orange by 76% and 74% respectively.