International activities related to spectrum

The National Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (NTRA) represents the state in the international spectrum management activities carried out under the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) such as Radiocommunication Sector meetings and the World Radiocommunication Conferences, by contributing to these activities as the Egyptian Administration with a view to work on addressing the interests of the Arab Republic of Egypt in the international activities on radio spectrum management to help facilitate spectrum availability at the international level.

At the regional level, NTRA carries out continuous efforts to cooperate closely with its Arab and African counterparts, as well as with other regional groups involved in spectrum management worldwide. As a result of this sustained and successful regional cooperation, Egypt is a key partner for all regional and international groups in the field of spectrum management.

Coordination and protection of spectrum Usage

NTRA plays a major role in coordinating the use of Egyptian terrestrial and satellite frequency assignments at the international and regional levels. The Authority protects the radio spectrum used locally against any interference that may be exposed to it from other countries by recording these allocations in the Master International Frequency Register of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), which gives international recognition.

Furthermore, NTRA is conducting international agreements with the concerned parties to organize the use of the spectrum in wireless networks within Egyptian jurisdictions with a view to avoiding potential harmful interference that may impede or affect the operation of such networks efficiently.

Coordination and protection of the orbital slots of Egyptian satellites

NTRA is responsible for the coordination with the Radiocommunications sector at the International Telecommunication Union to record and publish the files of Egyptian satellite networks and the frequencies planned for operating these networks before launching the satellites to the targeted orbital slots. The coordination activities aim at providing the necessary protection for these orbital sites to ensure the smooth operation of national satellite networks without problems.

For further queries, please contact: spectrum-info@tra.gov.eg