Spectrum related tasks

Spectrum and wireless device usage fees

According to the provisions of Telecommunications Regulation Act No. 10 of 2003, the National Telecommunications Regulatory Authority is responsible for setting the spectrum usage fees as well as wireless devices usage fees. These fees are issued by a decision from NTRA Board of Directors. Users of the spectrum and users of wireless devices shall pay such fees unless the law stipulates otherwise. NTRA issues licenses to the users of spectrum and wireless devices after collecting the prescribed fees.

Spectrum Monitoring

Spectrum monitoring is one of the most essential tasks needed to streamline the use of the locally-regulated spectrum to protect its use against interference.

Tasks of Spectrum monitoring operations:

  • Carry out technical measurements to licensed uses of spectrum and verify compliance with the license terms and conditions.
  • Carry out technical measurements to identify unauthorized uses causing interference in licensed users.
  • Work on resolving technical problems caused by non-compliant wireless equipment.
  • Inspect the holders of wireless devices to ensure that the use of such devices complies with the controls and licenses issued by NTRA.