Egyptian African
Telecom Regulatory Training Center
Eng. Ayman Mohamad Hamdy

Ayman Mohamad Hamdy Abd Elrahman and the radio spectrum monitoring team are responsible to solve, Analysis, Study any wireless interference issues. In addition to carrying out field surveys to introduce new services or evacuate spectrum from existing services, and monitor the frequency spectrum on daily basis using fixed stations to monitor any violations or abuses in the use of the frequency spectrum, and to carry out technical measurements for new services.

Since joining NTRA, responsible for following up Working Group 1C and representing NTRA within study group 1 of the International Telecommunication Union on spectrum monitoring, one of the most important work contributing on a new recommendation to evaluate the performance of the mobile directional identification units in the actual operating environment ITU-R Recommendation SM.2140.

Mr. Ayman Hamdy holds Master of Engineering degree in Electronics and Communications from Cairo University in 2018, and B.Sc. in Electronics and Communications Engineering from Cairo University in 2004. He has experience in NTRA over 14 years.