Egyptian African
Telecom Regulatory Training Center
Training Tracks

Cyber Security:

Cyber security is one of the crucial topics in the African continent as the issue of capacity building in this area is difficult and costly, and on  the other hand, the cost of cyber-attacks increases the economic burdens of countries. The program aims to raise human competencies in the field of securing information and networks as well as organize and arrange the process of providing technical support and capacity building systematically.

Managing Scarce Resources (frequencies / numbering …):

Frequency spectrum represents one of the vital issues in the continent of Africa, as this scarce resource requires distinct human competencies in order to be able to manage it optimally and benefit from it in a way that reflects positively on the communication services and the Internet.

While many African countries resort to obtaining UN aid to manage this resource, manage broadcast transmissions, or solve problems of interference, building distinguished African competencies can provide a better and easier alternative for African countries. This can be achieved through the continuous communication between experts under the umbrella of the African program allowing the provision of the necessary technical assistance needed in this matter.

Smart Cities & Infrastructure:

Since smart cities represent a model for saving in the use of resources and energy, the number of countries willing to establish them has increased. It may be difficult to consider the international models in this regard in Africa due to the difference in the geographical nature and the resources available between developed countries and African countries. However, the Egyptian experience in this field would provide a number of more suitable models to the African continent.  On top of which would be  the new administrative capital as one of the Egyptian models that can be transferred to the African brothers, especially since some of its aspects are still in the process of being established, which represents a living experience for experts.

Electronic Payment:

Egypt has succeeded significantly in increasing electronic payments, especially in the field of communications.  The importance of these operations has emerged with the spread of the coronavirus, which resulted in the increase in reliance on electronic payment. The Egyptian market is distinguished in this field as it deals with a huge human masses.

Type Approval:

Type Approval is a compulsory step applied when importing or manufacturing or assembling any equipment having a communication element. Through this step, compliance of the equipment to the global Radio Frequency (RF), Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC), Safety and Health standards is ensured. It’s prohibited to import or manufacture or assemble a communication equipment not complying with such approved standards due to their possible harms and interferences with the networks of licensed communication services providers and harmful effects on electrical equipment located around them and on the health of communication equipment end user.