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Telecom Regulatory Training Center
Eng. Mostafa Mousa

Mr. Mostafa Mousa is a Radio Spectrum engineer with over 8 years of telecommunication regulatory and industry experience. He holds a professional masters (MSc.) degree in Electrical and electronic communication technology engineering.

With experience in different disciplines including international Radio Regulations, Spectrum management and satellite telecommunication technologies and international regulations, Mr. Mousa brings a unique combination of skills in Radio Spectrum Management and satellite projects. He is highly experienced in telecommunications business development; drafting telecommunications legislation, policies and procedures; negotiating and arbitrating telecommunications coordination agreements; licensing systems and managing complex technical projects in challenging environments.

Mr. Mousa was appointed by the National Telecommunication Regulatory Authority of Egypt as Radio Spectrum Engineer since 2013 in 2020 Mr. Mousa promoted to be Manager of frequency international Coordination department, During this period, Mr. Mousa had managed the deployment and technical international radio spectrum coordination tasks of Egyptian satellite networks, including NILESAT and TIBA-1 in geostationary orbit and NARSSCUBE, E-STAR-A and EG-EX-1 in the Non-Geostationary orbits.

In addition to managing national regulatory issues thorough development of national licensing regime for satellite operators and services providers. On the international level, he worked on developing adequate regulations and procedures to enhance the International Radio Regulations that governs Radio Spectrum issues worldwide, through active participation and contribution to the international Telecommunication Union (ITU) and relevant Study Groups regarding Radio resources management and associated orbits.

Mr. Mousa now is serving as Vice chairman of EXPERT GROUP ON DECISION 482 in ITU which are responsible of determine the methodology to calculate the fees of satellite networks that are registered in ITU in addition to that he is also serving as chairman of satellite service group in African telecommunication union (ATU) which are responsible of preparing African common proposals regarding satellite service issues in World Radiocmmunication Conference in 2023 (WRC-23).